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Essential Information for Requesting a Team Building Quotation

“What do you think the correct information is that your customers need to give you if they request a quotation for team building”?

See suggested questions below.

  • Contact Details:
  • Contact Person:
  • Company name:
  • How many guests are you look at?
  • What Type of event is it?
  • Do you have a budget per person?
  • What type of team build: Formal (can include Dispute Resolution), Informal (Outcomes based), Fun Activities (wanting to bond/motivate group) or Adventure Activities?
  • Any outcome you want us to focus on specifically:
  • What is your approximate date or month of event?
  • Duration of event (Half Day | Full Day | Multiple Days):
  • Time of arrival:
  • Time of Departure:
  • On arrival do you need – Coffee | Tea & Scones or Breakfast:
  • What Type of Meals Do You Want: Lunch or Dinner?
  • Dietary requirement – Halaal | Strictly Halaal | Vegetarian | Kosher – (Important, if possible, to give as a break down on this):
  • Bar Account | Budget | Cash Bar | Tab:
  • How Many Soft Drinks per person?
  • If Accommodation is needed – do you want – Sharing rooms | Single rooms | Dormitories:
  • Ration Males | Females:
  • If Conference Facility is needed – How many hours do you need the meeting room | Conference room per day:
  • Please specify your Industry:
  • Office Address:
  • What Location Would You Like to Host the Event?
  • How far are you willing to travel from your office?

Planning a successful team building event requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure that it aligns with your objectives and meets the needs of your team. When reaching out to potential event organizers for a quotation, providing comprehensive information is crucial. In this post, we will explore the essential details you should include when requesting a team building quotation.

1. Contact Details: The first step in initiating communication with an event organizer is to provide your contact information. Include your name and the best way to reach you, whether it’s via email or phone.

2. Company Name: Clearly state the name of your company or organization to help the event organizer understand your business and its unique characteristics.

3. Number of Guests: Specify the number of participants or guests who will be attending the team building event. This information is fundamental for venue selection and logistical planning.

4. Event Type: Identify the type of team building event you have in mind. Options may include formal team building (including dispute resolution), informal outcomes-based activities, fun bonding activities, or adventure-based activities. Clearly defining the type of event sets the tone for the planning process.

5. Budget Per Person: Determine the budget you have allocated per person for the event. This helps the event organizer tailor their offerings to match your financial constraints.

6. Desired Outcomes: Outline any specific outcomes or goals you want the team building event to achieve. Whether it’s improving communication, enhancing teamwork, or boosting morale, sharing your objectives helps customize the program.

7. Event Date: Provide an approximate date or month for when you plan to hold the team building event. This enables the event organizer to check availability and make suitable arrangements.

8. Event Duration: Specify the duration of the event, whether it’s a half-day, full-day, or multiple-day program. This information is vital for scheduling and planning activities.

9. Arrival and Departure Times: Clearly state the expected time of arrival and departure for the event. This ensures that the event schedule aligns with your team’s availability.

10. Catering Preferences: Indicate whether you require catering services. Specify if you need coffee, tea, scones, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any special dietary requirements such as Halal, strictly Halal, vegetarian, or kosher.

11. Beverage Preferences: If a bar is involved, state your preference, whether it’s a bar account, budget, cash bar, or tab. Additionally, specify the quantity of soft drinks required per person.

12. Accommodation Needs: If accommodation is necessary, detail your preferences. Specify whether you prefer sharing rooms, single rooms, or dormitories, and indicate the ratio of males to females if applicable.

13. Conference Facilities: If you need conference facilities for meetings or presentations, specify the number of hours required per day and any specific equipment or setup preferences.

14. Industry and Office Address: Provide information about your industry and your office address. This contextual information can help the event organizer better understand your company’s culture and needs.

15. Preferred Event Location: State your preferred location for hosting the team building event and whether it should be on-site or off-site.

16. Travel Distance: Indicate how far you are willing to travel from your office for the event. This information can impact venue selection and transportation logistics.

In conclusion, clear and comprehensive communication is essential when requesting a team building quotation. By providing these crucial details, you not only help event organizers tailor their proposals to your specific requirements but also ensure a smoother planning process that aligns with your team’s goals and expectations. Effective teamwork and successful outcomes begin with thorough information sharing.


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