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Leadership Identification Programs

Children are our future and we have a responsibility to equip them with the necessary tools to face the challenges that lies ahead.
We use a variety of activities to help identify the true leaders for next year.

Leadership Identification Programs

We have a variety of Group Dymanic Activities that are fun and effective for kids to thrive.

The outcome of this interactive group dynamic activities can be far reaching, because we can empower the youth to effectively deal with challenges and obstacles in a very creative way.

Each student get a chance to express themselves creatively in a safe environment within the group – which boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, and thus the true leaders shine.

The activities are fun and done of such that individuals enjoy themselves so that no harm get spread.



Example of leadership identification activities

Tyre Shuffle

The team must work together to move the tyres from one pole to another. They are NOT allowed to put a small tyre on top of a big tyre.

Example of leadership identification activities

Lines Of Communication

This is a communication and co-ordination activity. The ball needs to be transported to a bucket. Carefully lift the plate up then move it towards the bucket. The group must work together to balance and transfer the ball using strings provided. The challenge is to get as many balls into the bucket.



Example of leadership identification activities

Tower Building

The whole team must build a free standing tower as high as possible using the props provided. The team are not allowed to touch the blocks at any time.

Kind Words From Past Clients

"Thank you very much Ayoba Group. You guys were amazing. Riaan was so good with the kids and they really enjoyed his energy. We will definitely use you again."

- Laerskool roodekrans -

jam on junk

Reaching Out To The Communities

We teach them how to create something out of recyclable items, encourage them to be creative in their effort, opening up a whole new world of excitement!

Their creation becomes the secret weapon … where we use their drum as a metaphor that can help achieve the following:

– Drum sessions enhance communication between fellow participants. The importance of knowing when to listen and when to speak.
– It cultivates tolerance and promotes openness that creates mutual respect and a better understanding of each other.
– It emphasises interdependence and
– Group drumming demonstrates the synergy of how every individual plays an important role.
– It improves concentration.
– The interaction between hearing and doing, as well as hand/eye coordination are good exercise for the brain.
Discipline. As a group they must maintain

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Seeing teams thrive through our activities, as well as having fun while they do it, is what give us the passion to do what we do. The biggest reward is seeing smiley faces, and kids thrive, that’s when we know we’ve accomplished our goals.


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